Wild-Caught vs. Farmed Fish or Seafood: Reasons the Wild Always Wins

Today, a lot of food debates are centered on seafood, usually surrounding the fight between wild-caught and farmed seafood. Although arguments made to support both seafood acquisition methods are legitimate, let us highlight the benefits offered by wild-caught seafood. These benefits have paved the way for the popularity of services like Papa Earth wild caught fish delivery. Both farmed and wild seafood may look the same in shops and on your plate, but they are not the same. 

How Wild-Caught and Farm-Raised Seafood is Different

The two types of seafood differ in the following aspects:

  • Nutrition. The seafood’s nutritional quality depends on the diet of the fish. Wild fish consume what they get from the natural waters. Fish like wild-caught salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. 
  • Fat content. In general, farmed fish have a higher fat content than wild fish. This is because wild fish have to exert effort to search for their own food. Also, they can freely swim long distances. Because of this, they are leaner than farmed fish. 
  • Sustainability. Certain seafood is environmentally restorative while others are considered unsustainable. Thus, the sustainability of fish depends on the variety.
  • Cost. Typically, wild-caught seafood is more expensive than farm-raised seafood. 

Why Opt for Wild-Caught Seafood

You can enjoy peace of mind when you know you are buying fish or other seafood that are brought up safely. Wild-caught seafood is often the better option than farmed seafood due to the following reasons:

  • It is more nutritious. Seafood that is directly sourced from local waters has obvious nutritional benefits. They are abundant in healthy fats, have less fat overall, and lower levels of less healthy fats. Also, wild seafood has fewer calories and a higher level of vitamins such as iron, zinc, and potassium. 
  • It contains less contaminants. Farm-raised fish may have higher levels of contaminants in their bodies like pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyl. They are provided with antibiotics to fight off diseases. 
  • It is more eco-friendly. While there are issues with overfishing going for wild-caught fish is a preferable option. Farmed fish are at risk of getting some viruses and diseases that can end up in nearby oceans. Also, these fish are fed huge amounts of forage fish, which are removed from their natural food chain, possibly causing harm to wild fish. 

Regardless of your preferred option for a healthier, more delicious dinner, you should order wild-caught seafood. With this option, you can surprise your loved with one with a fancy meal at home. 


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