Various Exercises You Can Do On Rock Climbing Hangboard 

Rock climbing is a sport that demands immense strength, endurance, and finger dexterity. One tool that has become indispensable for climbers looking to hone these attributes is the hangboard. A hangboard is a fingerboard with a variety of holds and edges, designed to help climbers build finger strength and improve their grip. 

Here, we’ll explore various exercises you can do on a POWER GUIDANCE Rock Climbing Hangboard Portable Wood Hangboard to enhance your climbing performance. 

Dead Hangs: This is the fundamental hangboard exercise. Simply hang from a chosen hold with both hands for a set duration, typically 5-10 seconds for beginners. Gradually increase the time as your strength improves.

Pull-Ups: Hang from a hold and perform pull-ups, targeting different grip positions (e.g., wide, narrow, and neutral grips) to work various muscle groups.

Offset Pull-Ups: Offset your hands on different holds to mimic real climbing situations where you often encounter uneven holds.

Campus Exercises: These involve explosive movements, such as moving from one hold to another quickly. Campus exercises help build power and dynamic strength.

One-Arm Hangs: Progress to one-arm hangs to significantly increase finger strength. Start with assisted one-arm hangs if needed.

Laddering: Alternate between holds of varying sizes, emulating the diversity of holds found on climbing routes. This exercise helps improve finger dexterity.

Weighted Hangs: Add weight using a harness or a weight belt to increase the intensity of your hangboard workouts gradually.

Min Edge Hangs: Focus on small holds to target finger strength even more precisely. Use a metronome to time your hangs for consistent training.

Lock-Offs: Hang on a hold and practice holding positions with one arm while moving the other to simulate static climbing movements.

Repeaters: Perform a series of shorter hangs with rest intervals between to simulate the endurance required for longer climbs. 

Warm up before the exercises 

Remember to warm up adequately before hangboard sessions to prevent injuries. Beginners should start with larger holds and shorter hangs, gradually progressing to more challenging exercises as they gain strength. Always prioritize proper form and listen to your body to avoid overtraining.

To sum up 

Incorporating a hangboard into your climbing training regimen can yield significant benefits, from increased finger strength and endurance to improved overall climbing performance. However, it’s crucial to approach hangboard training with caution and gradually increase the intensity to avoid injury. Consult with a climbing coach or experienced climber for guidance, and always prioritize safety in your climbing practice.



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